Executive Team

Supporting clients, managing staff, getting things done! Let's talk about your project today.

John McDonald

John A. McDonald

Consultant practice lead

I help ISVs in Canada, and the United States build and integrate offshore development, support and project management teams into their businesses so they can focus their energy on growing and supporting clients.

Our simple three-step process limits your risk with a FREE 20-hour trial of our team, a detailed Statement of Work and a Project Manager to coordinate communication and expectations.

We've developed our team in India with culturally sensitive management that delivers high-quality results and low costs.

MY PROCESS: I like to meet with prospective clients face to face to develop project scope and budget. 


John Campbell

John Campbell

Consultant Architect

I help ISVs in Canada and the United States with architecture, design, code practices and quality control that keeps their application fast, efficient, and secure.

I'll work with you initially to build your Statement of Work and support agreement.  I'll also be reviewing your application and code to help you get the most from our services.

You won't see me all the time but I'll be behind the scenes ensuring system integrity, code adherence, and team practices are benefiting you the most.

I've been developing apps for the past 25 years as a Microsoft full-stack developer focused on Azure.

Kalpesh Mehta

Kalpesh Mehta

india operations chief

I provide leadership, team building skills, inspiring vision, and passion for customer satisfaction to our Indian teams.

I'll be working with the consultants and architects to harden the Statement of Work and will focus the efforts of our Indian team to the achievement of your success.

My expertise is grounded in software engineering and business process outsourcing that I have successfully delivered to customers for over 15 years. 

I have a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from the University of Mysore and I have been awarded the prestigious 'Udyog Ratan' (Jewel of the Industry) Award by Institute of Economic Studies affiliated with Government of India recognizing my outstanding contribution to the economic development of India.